Riding the Huracan300 [Part 2]

I camped just off the trail so I was aware of anyone who came through during the night. Early on a pair of riders came through, they stopped and chatted for a few then rode on. They gave me some word on the guys I had been waiting for which helped explain the delay in their arrival. Throughout the night two more solo riders came through, and just before dawn a pair of trail runners came by on a side trail that I hadn’t seen.

2015-03-15 07.59.30
Florida forests always appear so surreal to me

I broke camp just before dawn. Had a cup of coffee and started back down the trail. After a couple miles I ran into the pair from the previous evening. They had made camp at a ‘scenic overlook’, a mountain among molehills. After a quick daylight introduction I was off again. Continue reading Riding the Huracan300 [Part 2]

Riding the Huracan300 [Part 1]

After weeks of [not]preparing and a remarkably underwhelming stay at the Shangri-la hotel in Ocala, the ToeCutter crew woke up and rolled out to the 6am start of the race at the Santos trailhead. Temps were going to be comfortable at the start. The same could probably not be said for the digestive tracks of the guys who decided to get the Deluxe Seafood Delight at the oyster bar the night before.

True to form, we were late for the start and rolled out about 5 minutes after everyone else. As luck would have it, the rest of the crew from ATL had also been late risers and we rolled out nearly a dozen deep into the fresh morning singletrack.

I was towards the front of the group and got into a good rhythm. Despite a couple small issues with stowage, I hung out at a good pace and the miles started melting away. Soon the sun came up and we were really knocking back the course. After a brief 18 mile stretch on a paved greenway trail we were back into the woods through the Citrus WMA. The forest was scarred in places and there were a number of small active fires going, but nothing that would hinder the ride, just something to add to the scenery (and heat).

So much for party pace
So much for party pace

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Riding the Huracan300 [Intro|Planning]

I decided to do the Huracan this year as a tune up for the Divide. It seemed like a good beginner course to test my gear and my strategies for long distance touring off road. The route boasts less than 10% pavement over its 340+ mile length! Most of the ride is through national and state forests and some good central Florida swampland. It hits a surprising amount of singletrack, as well as the Florida Trail

2015-03-14 10.08.18
I promise there’s a path in there, just keep pedaling.

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