The best laid plans

Smaller ride today but got some gravel/dirt in.┬áNow that I’m a couple days into this blog and into my final turn of determination to do the Great Divide, I’ve found myself in a position to let life get in the way, possibly for the best.

The most challenging part of planning for this ride has been conscripting ride partners. And now that I’m making this ride officially official, my partner is feeling the stinky finger of life poking up her nose. She’ll be in nursing school full time for the next 18 months and has, up to this point, had no real qualms with my plans. Just this week however, she began to get a strong desire to ride along with me.

How can I say no to spending 6 weeks with someone I love spending time with anyway? How could I deny someone the opportunity to experience all that this journey may hold?

So it looks like I can add another 360+ days to the countdown timer… And start shopping for a bike for her.

Today’s Ride: