Always be [un]prepared

Went out in the mud today, managed to puncture my sidewall, on both sides, in the last twenty yards of dirt section. Limped a few miles, trying to get to any place with a pump, then had to make the call-of-shame for a pickup. I’ve got all these bags on my bike and nothing resembling a tool or a pump or any means of repairing anything that should go wrong. I’ll fix this tomorrow morning.

Did some thinking while riding today, and I think I will burn my one life-gets-in-the-way card to push back the trip for a year. I want to do this right and I think doing it with someone I love would be far more enjoyable than doing it without.

But now I don’t just have to prepare myself, I have to prepare us. I suppose this summer could be a ride around the Idaho Hot Springs as a tune-up. I’ll continue my training, but now with an extra 12 months added on for tweaks.

…guess it’s time to start shopping for a new bike so I can have some company on my rides.

Today’s Ride:

The best laid plans

Smaller ride today but got some gravel/dirt in. Now that I’m a couple days into this blog and into my final turn of determination to do the Great Divide, I’ve found myself in a position to let life get in the way, possibly for the best.

The most challenging part of planning for this ride has been conscripting ride partners. And now that I’m making this ride officially official, my partner is feeling the stinky finger of life poking up her nose. She’ll be in nursing school full time for the next 18 months and has, up to this point, had no real qualms with my plans. Just this week however, she began to get a strong desire to ride along with me.

How can I say no to spending 6 weeks with someone I love spending time with anyway? How could I deny someone the opportunity to experience all that this journey may hold?

So it looks like I can add another 360+ days to the countdown timer… And start shopping for a bike for her.

Today’s Ride:

The day’s ride starts the night before

Got a late start on the bike this morning. Starting to wrap my head around just how much of a task I’m setting for myself. In just under 7 months I need to be comfortable spending 7-10 hours a day in the saddle, riding on extremely poor surface conditions, carrying 35-40lbs of gear/food/water.

Here’s hoping I regain my fitness quickly.

Today’s ride: